The Ballerina and The Sad Violin


I am a ballerina; I am a ballerina, she whispered as she sat rocking on the bed of her dorm room. Her little boom box was set to repeat to play the sound of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Violin Concerto No. 5. It echoed throughout the corridor of the 3rd floor, psychiatric ward.
The door creaked open and in slipped Nurse Nardovino she tipped toed over to her bed side “Kalina, it’s time for your medication.”
“Ssshhh, no talking Alinna is on stage, doesn’t she look so beautiful.”
Nurse Nardovino turned and looked at the light pale blue wall of the dorm room “Yes, she does Kalina.”
Kalina turned to look at her and shouted with anger “Liar, you’re a liar! Don't you lie to me!You don’t mean it!” as her voice reduced in volume into a whisper almost as if she wanted to cry “She is there, can’t you see her? Her pink tutu it’s there, I promise!”
“I see her Kalina, I promise I see her! Here take this; it will help you sleep tonight.” Kalina grabbed the little white paper cup out of the nurse’s hand and drank the little white pill that sat inside it. Nurse Nardovino leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and walked over to the door and slipped out the way she slipped in.
“Kalina, having another bad evening?” asked Nurse Rodgers.
“I suppose so, she stares at the wall saying Alinna is there but it’s just a fragment of her imagination.”
“Has anyone heard or seen Alinna?”
“No, last heard was that she was performing at the Ambrose Theater. They say that Alinna performs with a porcelain mask and hides her scars. Kalina is very sorry for what she did but there is no way of turning back the hands of time. What was done is done.”
“Poor girls, it was truly a sad tragedy.”
“It sure was; it sure was.”
“My face distorted, these scars will never heal! They are marks made by the hands of my own blood. We were sisters, twin sisters! Born seconds apart, how could she?” Alinna caressed her face looking into the shattered mirror on the wall. Surgeons said there was nothing they could do to restore the beautiful features she possessed before her tragedy. The marks where branded for life. . Alinna was the prettier of the two and knew she was. Her beauty always gave her lead in all recitals. Alinna isolated herself but still tipped toed to the sad violin! A family of four was now a family of one
The Lina sisters drifted apart after the death of their parents. Their parents were involved in a four car collision right outside of the city, on their way to watch their twin daughter’s recital. The sisters had just turned 18. Kalina took lead as she was the first to be exposed to oxygen. She attained a day job to support both of them. Alinna carried on her education and attended a performing arts school where she continued to perfect ballet, a talent and gift that was nurtured at birth. Madalae, their mother was a ballet instructor and also danced as a child herself. Kalina frustrated because now a second job consumed her soul. She had absolutely no free time. Alinna’s classes were not cheap very pricey and costly. Kalina was growing tired of working day and night to provide a living for Alinna.
“Alinna, I really think it’s time that you retire your ballet slippers, I cannot continue to slave myself while you’re out at all hours enjoying your life.”
“Well no one told you to play mommy to me” as she peeked her head around the wall that divided the kitchen from the front room.
“You are very immature and juvenile Alinna, here I am cooking, working, cleaning and slaving myself for you and you are absolutely ungreatful”
“Sounds like a personal problem to me” as Alinna’s voice trailed up the staircase
Kalina dropped the stirring spoon that she was using to prepare the meal and stampeded up the staircase following Alinna. Alinna slammed the door behind her as Kalina reached for the handle and flung the door open. “Alinna how could you be so ungrateful knowing what we have been through? I find it very hard to believe that you show no emotion towards me as your provider and sister.”
“Get over it Kalina, I will figure out a way to do it for myself quit your job I don’t care get over it your such a mother.”
“Yes, I am like a mother. Our mother rests in peace and taught us well. What has gotten in to you? You have changed so much you are not what momma raised us to be!” Kalina nearly in tears left Alinna to be by herself and marched down the stairs and out the front door…..


“Oh how I wish my momma was here to help me through this fight like she always used to when we were girls in pig tails and Sunday dresses.” Kalina kept walking the lonely concrete sidewalks with no aimed destination. When she finally snapped out of the anger state of mind, she realized that she had walked into the city and ended up right in front of her mother’s abandoned ballet studio. What where the odds of that happening? Is this a sign she thought. Was momma trying to tell her something? She looked both ways to see if there was anyone watching her. Once she saw she had a clean break she crept through the gap in the boards that barricaded the entrance.
It was dark and dingy and it had an old moldy smell that lingered behind. She walked over to the mirrors and held on to the bar that ran from one side of the mirrors to the other side. Her mind drifted, she heard the voice of momma call “Okay girls take position and Plié” The vision drifted away as her eyes began to fill with tears of sadness. She opened her eyes to find her mother’s ballet slippers and reached over and took them off the hook they rested on. She took them in her hands and held them close up and blew the dust off that housed itself. She slowly walked over to the bench that sat on the opposite side of the mirror and sat down. She removed one shoe and placed her foot within the slipper and laced up the pink Pointe shoe.
She met with happiness, and it placed a grin on her face. She walked over to the record player and laid the needle softly on the vinyl and waited for the tune to play. The Sad Piano Love Beat played and she began to tip toe in front of the mirror and heard her mother’s voice clearly guiding her steps. Her feet gracefully performed the Chassé. She heard the chant of her mother count in French, “Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq, Six, Sept, Huit Neuf and Dix, AGAIN, Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinq, Six, Sept, Huit Neuf and Dix” It faded in with the sound of the piano playing. “What I would give just to have you back momma” as she danced her feet away.
“I must go now momma it was nice visiting with you again.” She removed her mother’s pink slippers and place them exactly how she found them and leaned forward to kiss them. “Till we meet again momma for this is not goodbye but see you soon.” She walked towards the door as she heard a loud breaking sound, like if the boards from the entrance were being removed. Kalina looked around to see if there was a place for her to hide afraid of who was coming in. She ran to the front reception desk and hid behind it. It was a male’s voice that echoed through the studio. He was a bum that lived in the city that used the studio as shelter during the night.

He wobbled in with a bottle of whisky trying to keep him stable. That did not go so well he fell flat on his behind and managed to spill half the bottle of whisky all over himself, while Kalina sat quietly hoping for him not to find her. She wondered how she was going to escape without making a sound. The man attempted to lift himself up and succeeded, Kalina now more afraid because he rose to his feet, so he was capable of anything at this point. He noticed her shoe sticking out from behind the desk and yelled “Who goes there? Show yourself at once!”
“What should I do oh god please help me” she heard his footsteps walking closer to the desk so she stood up very slowly and said crying “please don’t hurt me sir, My mother used to own this studio and I was passing and came in, please I beg don’t hurt me?”
“Lookie, what we have here? A pretty little lady! Come a little closer so I can see your pretty face dear?!”
“I beg you please don’t hurt me Sir, I will leave. I just want to go home.”
“I will let you go if you tell me your name?”
“My naaaame is Kalina, Kalina De Luca.”
“Kalina, what a pretty name” he said as he grinned and took one step closer.
Kalina took a few steps back as he took several steps closer. The wall came sooner than she expected. He had her up against the wall with no way or how of running. He wore a huge smile as if he had come across a scrumptious meal. He leaned up against her and sniffed her neck like if he was a dog of some sort. “Don’t be afraid I won’t bite!”
To be continued........


Kalina, closed her eyes and flinched as she smelled the whiskey in his breath. “You smell nice and pretty like a wild flower that grows in the wild fields?” Kalina disgusted, as he ran his fingers across her collar bone.
“If you do what I say, maybe I will let you go, but you have to be a good girl for Mr. Conrad” moving his hand up towards her face, grabbing both sides of her checks and squeezing them together forcing her to pucker her lips. Her dread dissolved into tears, no one around to help her. She felt hopeless, exactly what she feared.
“Don’t be scared, ssssshhh” releasing the grip on her cheeks and placing his finger over her lips, her body clinching and her tears flowed in with speed.
“Please, please, stop, don’t do this” he pulled her away from the wall and slammed her to the ground behind the reception desk. He pinned her down by both wrists as he worked his heavy frame over her. He slithered himself up to her face and turned her head sideways until her ear was aligned with his lips and whispered “I’m going to give you a night you will never forget.” Kalina, let out deep sobs
“Nooooo, please don’t do this” she cried as he violated her essence with his filth. The smell of the whisky penetrated her clothes along with his stench of his body odor. He lifted himself off of her and reached for his discolored old trousers and held them with his hand as he wiped his forehead. She shivered at the sight of his face. His face and smell now a part of her mental recollection.
Kalina, Lifted herself off the ground frantically and ran for the entrance of the studio, not looking back. She made it through the boards that barricaded the entrance and ran as fast as she could. Not once did she turn to look back to see if he was following her. Tears of grief continued to fill her eyes afraid of them never stopping. How was she going to explain to Alinna what had just happened? Kalina hoping she wouldn’t have to tell anyone, keeping this a hidden secret.
As she turned the corner of Madison Ave., she noticed the front porch light was off, happy to know that Alinna was not home. She made it to the front door, something she felt that could have come sooner. She turned to look at the narrow street of the 2300 block of Capitella St. marking this night her worst nightmare.
Alinna, half asleep walked to the kitchen to see what was for breakfast. The kitchen light was not on, it took her by surprise. Kalina was always the first one in the kitchen on a Saturday morning. “Hmmm, wonder where she is at, she couldn’t still be asleep?” Alinna walked back up the stairs as she dragged her slippered feet along the hard wood floor, and let herself into Kalina’s bedroom. “Kalina, you’re still asleep?” when she looked Kalina was not asleep, her bed was nicely done. “I wonder where she could have gone.”
Alinna heard the front wooden door open and shut as the footsteps trailed over to the staircase. Alinna stood at the top of the stairs and said “Why hello there sunshine, where have you been?”
“Out” said Kalina with a stern look on her face.
“Out… you, on a Saturday morning?”
“Yes…Alinna out! Why is it a problem? I don’t make it a problem when you’re out almost every second of the day.”
“What has your panties all in a bunch? It was just a question, sheesh.”
“Well until you start paying some bills in this house, then you can ask questions, but until then mind your own damn business!” Kalina shouted angrily. She turned her back to Alinna and walked into her bedroom.
“Whoa, where did that come from.” shocked by the way Kalina replied. She had never heard Kalina talk that way to anyone including her.
Where was all this anger and animosity steaming from? Alinna quite puzzled by the behavior change Kalina was having. She was always the one to speak in a civil manner with more of a balanced personality.
Alinna knocked on Kalina’s door and asked “Kalina, may I come in?”
“No I want to be left alone, can you just respect that and go away?”
Alinna worried in turn said “Ok, well if you want to talk, remember I am right next door.”
Kalina didn’t reply. Alinna walked away and left her sister to be alone. She didn’t want to make matters worse.

To be continued.....


Kalina’s room was dark with just the little blue light that her digital alarm clock glowed. She rolled over to see what time it read, and the clock glowed 2:34 am. Her eyes burned from all the crying she had been doing. She couldn’t seem to get past what had happened just the other night. She felt that there was nothing to help her through this misery she was in. With mother gone and her anger for Alinna growing she was lost and alone. That night flashed before her eyes with an instant replay, like if her own mind had turned against her.
Anger met with Kalina and introduced itself with a right and left handshake. It crawled through her veins and up into her central cavity. It lay upon her chest with resentment and hurt, it fell into a dormant slumber. Kalina felt her emotions shift as the moon glowed bright outside of her window. Heavy with sadness her eyelids protecting her vision from the moonlight, she closed them tight and kept them closed until the sun beamed outside as the tune of the mockingbird mirrored itself against Kalina’s bedroom window.
Kalina peaked out from under her goose feather-filled pillow and peered at the mockingbird right outside her window. The only thoughts that came to mind were that if she had a bee bee gun, that bird wouldn’t be chirping anything let alone breathing. Kalina annoyed by the bird, angrily arose to her feet and rushed towards the bathroom door as Alinna was exiting.
“Good Morning to you too!” Alinna said with a provoked look on her face, as Kalina in passing nearly knocked her to the ground. Kalina did not reply, ignored her remark and shut the door behind her. Alinna was no longer going to ask questions as to what was going on with her sister. Alinna took offense to the way Kalina was acting and made it personal.
Who does she think she is? She wants to duel in the argument we had, I will give her a fight but this time there is no holding back like when we were little girls. Momma not here to defend either side, Just Kalina and I. Alinna left the house thinking how she was going to get through to her sister. She wouldn’t even stare at her let alone talk to her.

“Hi there, welcome to Baldomero's School of Performing Arts, is there something I can help you with?” asked cheerfully the young lady behind the oak wood desk.
“Yes, there is. I would like to attend this school and how would I go about doing so” replied Kalina.
“Well not just any one can attend, you would have to audition and be accepted by Mr. Baldomero himself. Do you have any ballet background?”
“Yes since I was a little girl I danced ballet. My mother was Madalea from Madele’s Ballet Studio.”
“Oh! Okay I heard of the studio, I heard the tragedy that happened with your parents. My apologies for their demise!" The young lady paused for a moment to think as she replied with surprise "Wait……Then that would make you the sister of Alinna De Lucca? Correct?”
Kalina’s voice broke as she spoke “Yes…… a tragedy it was.” only answering the question pertaining to her parents, ignoring the question asked of Alinna
The young receptionist realized the conversation affected Kalina so she pierced her thoughts and asked “Well, Mr. Baldomero has an open audition this afternoon at 3:30, would you like me to place you on his calendar for this afternoon?”
“Yes….Please. What time should I be here at?”
“Please return at 3pm, your audition will begin at 3:30 sharp please do not be late for this is a one time opportunity, there is only one audition per person per school year.”
“Ok, I will return at 3!”
“Well….alrighty then sees you at 3!”
Kalina smiled and walked out her eyes burned with passion in knowing she was returning with desire and devotion to what and who she was before, nothing and no one stopping her this time.

To be continued.......


Mr. Baldomero sat in silence in his wooden seat as he anxiously tapped his pen on the desk that seated itself in front of him. He looked up at the white faced clock and it read 3:29. One minute left and his auditionee was not present. The lights dimmed. With confusion, he looked around to see a very attractive young lady strut along the aisle over to the stage. She tip toed up the stairs. She carried a very curvaceous physique with strong body language. Mr. Baldomero could not keep his eyes off her; there was something about this one that yearned.
Kalina took center stage. Her look fastened itself within his eyes. She seductively smirked as the beat of her music began to play. With every beat her body swayed with movement and locomotion. She made sure to keep hold of his eye sight like if her soul was longing his stare. With flexibility she extended her legs as if strings where to be pulling them from the ceiling. He sat in tantalizing temptation and fondness. Kalina concluded her audition and flaunted her swag as she approached Mr. Baldomero.
He applauded her perfection. “Ms. De Lucca, I must say you carry beauty within your art and form,” reaching for her hand as he took it up close to his lips and pecked it softly, brushing it with his thumb. Kalina smiled and hung her head as she felt a little warm. She found herself thrilled to see Mr. Baldomero was quite the attractive gentleman.
“Thank you Mr. Baldomero!”
“Please, refrain from calling me Mr. Baldomero, call me Santos.”
“Ok, so Santos it is! So Have I earned my spot in your honor?”
“Ms. De Lucca, I think you are very well aware of my answer.”
“Please…. call me Kalina” she paused and looked away “Well….Your eyes tell me yes but what do your lips say?”
“The lips of Santos say yes! Welcome to Baldomero’s School of Performing Arts. “Kalina smiled big and her eyes glowed with happiness.
“So tell me Ms. Kalina, how come you did not audition the same time your sister did? You are a great ballerina!”
Kalina’s eyes turned cold and walked away from where Santos and she stood. She paced the area in front of the stage “Our parents died when we where 18. I had to pick up the financial responsibility for both of us. I figured it would be best if only one of us followed in Mothers footsteps. I am the older of the two so I picked up the slack. I never wanted to stop dancing but I had to sacrifice my wants and needs.” she let out a deep sigh in distress “But since now I am looking out for my best interest I resumed to what I love most, and here I am”
“Well I am excited that you chose to pick up where you left off. I think you are fabulous, and I am happy to have you here.” Santos walked over to Kalina, brushed her hair off to the side, and reached for her hand as he raised it again up to his lips and gently kissed it. Kalina glared at him with charm. With only minutes of knowing each other, they both knew they had connected in a different way.
“And I am very excited to be here.” as she stared within his eyes with fascincation.
“Kalina?” called Alinna “what are you doing here?” tainting the moment Kalina and Santos shared.
Santos intervened and replied “Kalina is now a student here just like yourself. It’s good to have you both attending my school.”
“Yes, that is correct I am now a student here.” Said Kalina with fierce in her eyes
“So you decided to come back? I see…… well just to let you know I still take lead in all performances nothing has changed. You will dance in the back and be what you have always been, just an extra.” said Alinna with harshness.
Kalina’s fists clenched as she smiled and replied “Everything has changed, we are not little girls anymore Alinna. My capabilities have taken a different route and you can’t stop that.......Try and stop me.”
“ wait and see. You make sure you keep on your toes ‘cause you never know when you’ll get knocked off.” Alinna threatened as she flounced to the door.Santos watched as the rivalry took place, two sisters competing for the spotlight.
What a show this is going to be, Santos thought.

To be continued…..


Kalina laid on her bed as night fell and plotted on how she was going to survive this uproar with her sister. She knew Alinna was just like her. They both had the same thought process, but how far was she willing to go? Did she have any boundaries or limits?
The house quiet no sound spoke, just the big grandfather clock that sat at the bottom of the staircase that ticked by the second. She heard the front door creek open and heard Alinna’s footsteps as they touched each stair. Her teeth grinded and her fists clenched from just knowing they had to sleep in the same house. Kalina was uncertain on how she was going to make Alinna realize that this was no longer Childs play. She was going to make her understand her way and no other.
Alinna opened her door and entered her dark room; the only light that peeked through was that of the moon. As she entered she looked around to see if anything was misplaced. There was no sign of Kalina entering and tampering with her belongings, everything was pretty normal. She slipped into bed but something just wasn’t right. Her chest felt heavy with pressure. Was she feeling anxiety and not comfortable sleeping in the same house with her sister?
“Good Morning Alinna, What can I assist you with this lovely morning?” said Santos with a welcoming smile watching her enter the room. She caught his eye from the minute she walked in. He starred her down from head to toe.
Alinna took hold of the door handle and closed it slowly behind her twisting the lock upward. She walked towards the desk that Santos was sitting behind. Santos cleared his throat and re-adjusted himself in his seat as she walked closer. She moved the papers that where neatly piled on top over to the other side so it would give her room to seat herself.
“I came to say good Morning!” she said, as she caressed her collar bone and gazed into his eyes with admiration. “Santos……Oh Santos, What do you see in my sweet twin sister, I am very much prettier than she. “
“Yes, Alinna that is no lie.” She didn’t allow him to finish as she came around the desk and stood in front of him, reaching for his arms and gave a slight tug for him to stand. “Alinna we can’t…..”
“Ssssshhh” she pressed her lips against his. Santos knew what he was about to do was wrong, but continued and ignored his concious. He kissed her back willingly. He glided his hands down her back and onto her hips; Alinna brought herself down to his desk. He swept the top of the desk with his arm sending the piles of paper to fly and onto the floor. He pressed up against her body as Alinna lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist.
“Make me yours Santos!” she whispered with appetite. Her tongue brushed the delicate layer of his ear. She blew a light breath and sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn’t find the strength to resist her. Her body alone drove him to sensual destruction.
“What would your sister do if she found you here with me,” running his fingers across her nude skin as he cascaded his lips across her naval.
“She would go insane!” She uttered under her breathe
A knock came quickly at the door. Santos and Alinna both startled by the disturbing pound “Santos are you in there” Called Kalina. Santos frantically dressed himself as Alinna gathered her items and hid beneath his desk. Santos rushed over to the door as he unlocked it Kalina rushed through.
“Are you ok? Why was your door locked?”She questioned.
“Yeah everything is fine, why do you ask” His voice shaky and jittery.
“’Cause your door was locked”
“Oh yeah, No….. I was just trying to finish up some reports and didn’t want to be disturbed, that’s all. Come let’s go get some coffee.”
He took lead and walked ahead, she paused with confusion not really sure whether or not to believe him. His body language set a different tone with her. She looked around the room as she noticed a pile of papers that had fallen from his desk and the top of it cleared.
Who was with him and where had they gone….

To Be Continued......


Kalina turned to follow Santos but had a question mark pending. She was not at ease with the way she witnessed his office. Kalina sat at one of the round tables inside the cafeteria while Santos ordered the cups of coffee. He walked back and sat next to her and asked “So what brought you to my office? Is there something wrong, tell me what’s on your mind?”
“Well I had gone to say good morning nothing important.” She replied
“Oh……Well good Morning.” He said cheerfully
Kalina’s left side of her mouth raised as she was not to happy with his response.
In walked Alinna and passed the table where Santos and Kalina sat “Good morning “she called as she passed with a smile from ear to ear.
Kalina stared at her sister with slight anger. She knew something happened but kept her thoughts to herself. Santos watched Kalina while she watched Alinna pass.
What are they hiding she thought with disgust.

“Good Morning Ladies, I would like to introduce Kalina as our new student” said Madame Noemi “Kalina, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself please stand don’t be shy.”
Kalina walked to the front of the room and spoke softly Hello, I am Kalina DeLucca, I am 22 years old and I have danced ballet since I was 4.”
Alinna rudely interrupted by letting out a chuckle.
“Alinna, is there something funny that you would like to share with all?” asked Madame Noemi with a very serious look on her face.
“No!” she said with a smile
“Please continue Kalina” asked Madame Noemi
“That’s it, that’s all there is to know about me.” Kalina said, embarrassed
“Well, let’s carry on then ladies take form and let’s begin.”
Kalina’s eyes filled with tears and resentment. A shiver came over her that took her mind away from Alinna and went into a day dream watching momma as she taught her class. Her vision blurred by Madame Noemi voice.
“Ok ladies, we will be having a Grand Performance this year and we will need a lead. We will host auditions for the lead this Saturday at 12 noon in the theatre. I ask if you are interested please be prompt in attending the auditions for Mr. Baldomero does not tolerate tardiness.” Madame Noemispoke with a high pitched voice so she could be heard throughout the room. “Ok this concludes our class; see you all tomorrow 9 am sharp”
Kalina walked over to where her duffle bag was sitting and sat so she could remove her Pointe shoes, Alinna walked over to her and bent at mid point and whispered “You know there is no need for you to audition, you have no chance in getting the lead. You will always dance in my shadows.”
Kalina’s eyes went sour and rose to her feet and replied “I will audition there is nothing that is going to stop me! Get it clear within your mind that I am not afraid of you and you do not threaten me.”
“We will see about that my dear sister- we will see about that!” as she walked away laughing.
Alinna walked towards the door as Santos was walking in Alinna tip toed up to him and whispered in his ear. Kalina’s blood began to boil and rushed over to Santos and demanded he tell her what she whispered.
“What did she tell you Santos?”
“She said nothing. She just made noises so it seemed like if she was telling me something, it is nothing to worry about.”
“For some reason I don’t believe you” she said and turned to walk away.
“Kalina, wait!” Santos grabbed her by the arm and tugged so she wouldn’t continue to walk.
“Let me go…..NOW!” She yelled.
“What is wrong with you!” he questioned with consideration.
“Nothing! Now let me go. I have nothing to say to you” she pulled her arm away with force.
“I will not let go until you tell me what is bothering you and what is making you act so irate?”
“Okay, Fine….You wanna know, what really happened in your office this morning? Who was in there?”
“Kalina, for the second time I told you I was trying to finish up some reports and didn’t want to be bothered. “
“Then why was there papers thrown on the floor and the top of your desk cleared it looked like they had been brushed off on purpose for some odd reason.”
"I had got frustrated and upset because my numbers weren’t mat….” He saw Alinna walking up from the corner of his eye as he paused to look.
“Tell her the truth Santos!”Alinna shouted and shook her head “Tell Her NOW!”
“Tell me what truth” Kalina asked with anxiety What Santos”

To Be Continued.....


Alinna stood by as her eyes danced with fierce knowing she had taken something away once again from her sister. Santos squinted at Alinna like if he was trying to tell her something without words. Madame Noemi was peeking through the crack of the door from the studio trying to listen to what was going on. She heard Kalina's voice a bit hostile.
“Ah-Ahh, I wanted to tell you that ummm…..” Santos stuttered.
“Mr. Baldomero!” called Madame Noemi
“Yes” he replied.
“May I please see you in the studio” she asked.
“Sure, here I come.”
Kalina grabbed a hold of his hand and said “This doesn’t end here I want to know what you are keeping from me. “
“O-Ookay, Kalina let me finish up with Madame Noemi and I will be back shortly.”
Alinna stood with her arms crossed just looking at her sister with contentment.
“What are you looking at?” Kalina snapped
“At the soon to be look on your face” Alinna grunted.
“Why don’t you just do him the honor and just spill it already. What do you know and what truth does he need to tell me?” Kalina shouted.
“Shortly you will hear what needs to be told. Maybe you will realize that you will always be less than what I am and nothing more.”
Kalina’s eyes widened with hatred and anguish as Alinna spoke. She was done listening to the belittle talk. Kalina stood quiet her words wanting to lash out but she stood in silence.
“What’s a matter Kalina lost for words?”
Kalina held her silence, out walked Santos with Madame Noemi and called out to both of them “I have matters to attend, I will speak to both of you at a later time” and walked away in whispers with Noemi.
Kalina picked up her duffle bag that rested on the floor and walked for the front door.
Alinna stood back watching her sister leave immediately. She felt a sense of victory to see her sister walk away hurt.


“Okay, ladies," Madame Noemi said "There are a total of 5 auditioning for the lead in this year’s Grand Performance. In the order I call your name is the way you will audition, Abril, Bridget, Kory, Alinna, and Kalina. So, shall we start?”
Santos and Madame Noemi watched the ladies very closely as each one performed the same routine. Alinna and Kalina both were very graceful while they danced. He immediately knew it was going to be such a hard decision. Kalina carried a heart of gold and it showed in her movement. Alinna carried beauty and sensuality, both so different but the same.
“Okay that will conclude our auditions" said Santos "I thank you each for taking the time to audition and the lead will be posted this afternoon outside my door. Have a great day.”
Kalina walked off stage, as she was the last to perform, over to where Santos was sitting “Can we talk?” she asked softly.
“Sure Kalina, I will meet you outside, give me a sec.”
“Ok” she replied and walked up the aisle out into the theaters foyer. She turned around to see if he was exiting the theater when Alinna walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek. In turn he lent a smile. He turned and walked up towards the exit of the theater and took Kalina’s hand and told her to walk with him.
“Santos, tell me already. What truth was Alinna talking about?”
“Kalina, listen,” as he paused to think about what he wanted to say “when I saw you for the first time there was something about you that ignited within”
“Ok, I don’t understand?”
“I am gonna be flat out with you, your sister and I engaged in sexual relations. When you came knocking on my door she was in there with me. She came on to me and I just went with it. I never planned for it to happen at least with her.”
Kalina’s eyes filled with tears as she looked confused in what he was telling her.
“I-I don’t blame you, if someone as beautiful as her came on to me, if I was a man I would have done the same, but I thought you were different I guess I didn’t give it enough time to get to know the true you. No need to explain I get it I will back off and let you be” as she wiped the tears that flowed from her eyes.
“Kalina, wait listen let me talk….”
“No you have said enough Santos….No need for your empty words.”
Kalina devastated by what Santos told her. What was she to do her parents gone, rapped by a bum, the rivalry of her sister, and now a broken heart…

To be continued…..


Kalina walked the pavement that created the fast paced city. She now knew that the bond between her and her sister was broken forever. There was nothing Alinna could do to re establish their sister hood. Her life upside down by the turmoil that had taken hold of her and it slowly started transforming her into someone and something she wasn’t.
What am I to do? She is all I have left of my parents. With all my heart I tried to give her everything they would have given her. It just wasn’t enough for her. This anger I carry inside is growing by the second. She doesn’t understand the severity of hurt that is traveling within me and it is destroying every inch of good momma created in me.

“Kalina?” called Madame Noemi
Kalina in a daze replied “Yes”
“Is everything alright” she paused and looked at her. Kalina turned out the window as if she didn’t her say a word. “You don’t seem to be the same girl as when you first started.”
With a dead look in her stare she replied “Nothing is wrong, nothing at all.”
Madame Noemi felt a negative vibe radiating from the talented sister. She seemed so empty and lifeless lately. What had changed in Kalina’s life, she thought, that could have made her turn this way?
Kalina stood up from the window ledge that overlooked the academies garden area that was right below Madame Noemi’s class room window and stampeded out the door. Madame Noemi walked curiously over to the window and peered out to find Alinna and Santos exchanging smiles. She turned to look at the empty doorway in weary.
There was a swift knock that startled Santos “Yes? Come in…” he answered.
The door creaked open and in stepped Madame Noemi and called out quietly “Do you have a moment, Santos?”
“Why yes, what is it Noemi?”
“Santos, I wanted to ask I know it is none the less any of my business but have you seen quite a change in Kalina these past couple of days?”
“Ummm-mmmm , No why did she mention something to you?”
“No-No! Nothing was mentioned she just seems rather quiet and very pensive and well kind of lifeless. Don’t you think?”
“Well, maybe just a little quiet. Who knows maybe she is just having a bad day you know the way these girls get, especially when they watch their weight they get all moody.”
“No, I think it is something else, something dark she is holding onto and is afraid to speak on it.” She spoke softly as she walked towards the window and turned back to look at Santos.
“I wouldn’t have a clue” he said while scratching his head giving a flustered look “is that all; I need to get back to work?”
“Yes, Santos that’s all.” She walked towards the door and turned the handle and turned her head to give one last look at Santos, knowing he had a bit to do with the way Kalina was acting.
Night fell again yet another sleepless night. Kalina stared out the window and studied the moon as it glowed brighter than ever this night. There was something different about tonight she just couldn’t figure out what. She allowed the moon to speak to her with its glowing grin. Consumed by the darkness of the sky and the light of the moon she stood still with no movement. Arms behind her head and her legs crossed. Her eyes began to get heavy like if paper weights had been placed above her eyelids and she began to shut them slowly. Off she went into a deep slumber.
She opened her eyes to find herself walking through a dark hall, she couldn’t see it was dark but at the end of the hall there was a flickering light that weaved from left to right she heard the voice of a young girl calling for her and she followed. The little voice started to get high pitched and call louder and louder. Kalina began to run down the hall following the voice. “Wait for me, hold on, slow down” Kalina called the little girl started to run faster away from her as she started to scream as if in someone was hurting her. Then the light she was following went dark……

To Be Continued.....