Short Creative Stories

I Did It Because He Didn't Love Me

“I loved him, I wanted him, and I cared for him. He was my one and only. He never knew how to love me. All he did was take, but he never extended a give. I did anything and everything for him. He would call and I would come running. So sick it was.”
“What was so sick, tell me Georgia?” asked the doc.
“It was sick how much I loved him. Sick I say, and will continue to say. He couldn’t understand that I was so in love with him and just wanted him all for me. He wouldn’t stop though. He kept going and going. He didn’t care that my heart was bleeding for him. I was the only one who felt the need to love.”
“What made you love him?”
“I don’t know I can’t answer that.”
“Next question doc.!”
“Ok” the doc paused “Tell me what made you do it?”
“He made me do it. He didn’t love me and didn’t appreciate me. He thought that I had no emotions. I couldn't handle the daily humiliation. But I am human too and he didn’t understand how bad he was hurting me. If only he would have listened to me maybe he would still be breathing.”
“Georgia, tell me what happened.”
“It was a beautiful morning and he got out of bed to get ready for work. I laid there starring at him as he gathered his clothes to take a shower. He looked back at me and told me I was beautiful. I smiled and continued gazing. He didn’t know I wasn’t the same me anymore. I was dead! I had no heart left to feel his words. It was about the time for him to leave to his office so I got up and put on my robe and walked him to the front door. As he took the step to walk out he turned back and held me tight and said he loved me and gave me a kiss like if he knew it was his last day walking.”
“Keep going Georgia, you’re doing great.”
“I stood at the door and watched as he reversed out the drive way. I went back upstairs and returned to the cold sheets that laid there on what was soon to be his death bed. I pulled the vile of cyanide from beneath the mattresses and contemplated the action. “
“Why Cyanide, why poison?”
“Because, I wanted an instant death I wanted him to feel how I felt every time he cheated. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my heart was going to stop. That’s exactly how I felt.”
“So, then what happened.”
“Time traveled pretty quickly. I managed to clean the house and prepare everything for our romantic dinner that I had mentioned to him a week prior.”
“So, then you premeditated his death?”
“Yea, if that’s what you call it.”
“Ok, continue”
“Well, the time had come and he was pulling into the drive way. The roast was cooked, the candles where blazing, and the champagne bubbling. I prepared the plates and sprinkled the vile over his plate. I placed them on the table and I I waited. I wore this lace corset with a garter, and fishnet thigh highs and stiletto shoes. I also wore black satin gloves that extended to my elbows. He liked when I dressed up for him like that. The keys jingled outside the door his shadow reflected in the window, I sat and sipped on my glass of champagne. In he stepped and glanced over to the dining room area where I was seated. He said “This looks amazing Georgia.” I smiled and didn’t say a word. He hung his coat on the coat rack and sat himself down on the opposite side of the table. He rolled up his sleeves to his long sleeved white shirt. I leaned forward to reach for my fork and began to eat. He took a sip of the champagne that bubbled in front of him, and dipped the fork into the food. He ate slowly and savored the roast. He continued to eat but the silence spoke louder this night. He looked up at me and I smiled as a weary look met his eyes. The death was taking effect. I continued to eat as he grabbed his throat and gasped for air. No words exchanged just my smile I wore on my face. I watched him as the cyanide flowed within his body until he stopped breathing. I stood up grabbed my coat that hung on the rack and luggage that waited patiently inside the closet in our entrance walk way. Placed my sunglasses and walked out the door.”
“Did you call 911.”
“I did.”
“And what did they say?”
“The dispatcher answered 911, what’s your emergency?”
“And what did you say.”
“I said-I said, I poisoned my husband and then…………………………the line dropped.”